Water Damage Photo Gallery

Air Conditioning Leak

In this office, there was an air conditioning malfunction where the water was leaking through the ceiling and eventually broke through. Our SERVPRO team quickly dried up any excess water with our dehumidifiers and removed any damaged ceiling.

If you experience any water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Water Leak in Pasadena Office

This office in Los Angeles had an unnoticed continuous leak from its coffee machine which affected the dry wall. Our SERVPRO team assessed the damage right away and dried up the area before removing any damaged drywall.

If you experience any water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Water Damage Warps Ceiling Panels

Leaks are sometimes so small that they can go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. Most of the time they don't really bother us if they are minor so we tend not to do anything about it. This family had a leak in their roof that was ignore for a long time until one day when it rained heavily. So much rainwater leaked through the roof that is caused the ceiling panels to cave in. 

What are Moisture Meters?

SERVPRO uses mositure meters to help determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. Anything made of wood is very sensitive to its moisture content. Many physical properties are strongly affected by the amount of moisture in the them.

The Containment Process is vital to Sewage Mitigation

After a sewage leak in this San Marino home, we had to set up a containment to limit the risk of secondary damage to unaffected areas of the house. Our team determines if the materials can be saved or if they have be removed and replaced. We remove all the unsalvageable materials from the space, including the carpet, drywall, and any other items that have been contaminated.

Only the Latest and Greatest Air Movers

SERVPRO of Alhambra uses the latest advancement in the technology for all of our restoration projects. We like to stock up on these industrial strength air movers perfect for removing the moisture from ceiling, walls, and floors of your home or business. High-speed air movers help the remaining moisture evaporate more quickly. The advanced equipment allows SERVPRO to restore your property back to its original condition.