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Man putting up a containment

Protecting Your Health

We always protect your health by placing plastic containments around our work area. This ensures that the dust, debris, and possible mold spores are confined to only the work area. 

Air Movers

Sub Floor Dry Down

This picture shows how we dry out the wooden sub floor after affected flooring has been removed. We do this to prevent the growth of mold and remove any residual moisture.

Hoarder House

Hoarder Clean Up

Hoarder clean ups are another extension of our many services here at SERVPRO of Alhambra! We know and understand that some people will need extra help gathering and organizing their essential needs in their homes. Our team of experts are here no matter how big the job!

Tree on top of home and car

We're More Than Just Fire & Water Restoration!

We got a call from a very stressed client who had a tree fall onto the roof of their property! They did not know what type of company would be able to help them remove the tree and repair the damages. We reassured them that SERVPRO is a multi-functional company and that we'd be there to help!

SERVPRO Technician donating blood

We Give Back To Our Community

If you have ever wondered the type of people work own and work for the company that works on your homes? Well here at SERVPRO we conduct blood donations with the Red Cross foundations! Our owners and technicians love to help save lives in other ways than just fixing up your homes!

SERVPRO office meeting

SERVPRO Office Team Meeting

Here at SERVPRO of Alhambra we take pride in continued education with our team of technicians. Every month we discuss all jobs and how we can better our services!

Green Servpro truck with Alhambra decals


Our trucks are cleaned and well equipped with all necessary tools to mitigate your damages! Ready for any disaster, we make sure we are prepared to handle it. Available 24/7 for emergency services, we will be there to make things "Like it never even happened." 

Ants all over Mold in Bathroom

An good indicator that you have mold in your home or property is the smell, however, another good indicator are ants. In this bathroom, we found an enormous amount of ants surrounding the affected area behind the tiles.

Moisture Containment

This office in Alhambra had an unfortunate pipe burst from a bathroom in the second floor which unfortunately flooded both floors. This picture here is an example of one of the containment steps we take to contain all the moisture so that the area dries quicker.

If you experience any water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Food Drive

This is just some of the canned and dried foods that we collected for the month of February for SERVPRO of Alhambra Food Drive! Thank you to everyone that participated and donated! Everything is going towards the Los Angeles Food Bank!

Air Conditioning Leak

In this office, there was an air conditioning malfunction where the water was leaking through the ceiling and eventually broke through. Our SERVPRO team quickly dried up any excess water with our dehumidifiers and removed any damaged ceiling.

If you experience any water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Water Leak in Pasadena Office

This office in Los Angeles had an unnoticed continuous leak from its coffee machine which affected the dry wall. Our SERVPRO team assessed the damage right away and dried up the area before removing any damaged drywall.

If you experience any water damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Storm Damage through the windows

After heavy rain storms in Los Angeles, the winds and rain blew through these windows in this Los Angeles home. Our SERVPRO team was called in and quickly used our dehumidifiers to dry up all the wet surfaces.

If you experience any storm damage, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Flood from a storm

After a heavy rainstorm in Southern California, this house unfortunately flooded from the rainwater. Our SERVPRO team came in and dried up the carpet and wood before removing any damaged floors.

If you experience any flood damage, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Mold found in Bathroom Wall

This bathroom had a small leak and once we checked for mold presence, we found mold growth within the walls. This happens a lot because water usually seep through the walls and can promote mold growth. If you notice a musty odor in your home, you probably have mold growing there, even if you don't see any mold. But don't worry, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875 and we can help you find the source of the odor!

Mold found in Guest House

This guest home had an enormous mold growth from being unchecked for a long period of time until the owners noticed an odor. Our SERVPRO team was able to remove it immediately. If you notice a musty odor in your home, you probably have mold growing there, even if you don't see any mold. But don't worry, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875 and we can help you find the source of the odor!

Pipe burst at a Dentist Office

This Dentist office had an unlucky pipe burst inside the wall. We were able to remove the damaged walls and get rid of potential mold inside as well.

If water damage affects your business, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283/5875.

Flood in a Church

This church in Alhambra unfortunately experienced flood damage from a recent rainstorm. Our SERVPRO team was able to use our dehumidifiers to dry up the carpet at the church classrooms.

If you experience any flood damage, call SERVPRO of Alhambra at (626)283-5875!

Small Kitchen fire

This soot is caused by a kitchen fire in San Bernardino. Usually smoke can spread burnt debris around but luckily, this did not travel too far in the home. Unfortunately, it did affect some areas in the house where our SERVPRO of Alhambra team was able to clean up. If you experience anything like this and have a hard time getting rid of the smoke smell or soot, call SERVPRO of Alhambra to give you a free estimate at (626)283-5875!

Soot from Small Kitchen Fire

The smoke from a fire usually carries around debris from what is getting burned to wherever the smoke travels. In this case, a small kitchen fire sent soot around the house and unfortunately got upstairs as well. If you experience anything like this and have a hard time getting rid of the smoke smell or soot, call SERVPRO of Alhambra to give you a free estimate at (626)283-5875!

Microwave causes Fire Damage

When it is properly used, the microwave is safe and convenient for heating a variety of foods in a short time. However, if you don't follow proper microwave safety, your appliance can cause painful burns and become a potential fire hazard. Before using a new microwave oven, make sure you know the correct operating procedures and safety precautions. In order to avoid the risk of a fire, you should never attempt to heat articles that are not approved for use in microwave ovens.

Mold Found Behind Kitchen Cabinet

Mold produces gasses called microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC). The gases are usallly odorless but some have a musty odor, the smell typically associated with mold. If you notice a musty odor in your home, you probably have mold growing there, even if you don't see any mold. But don't worry SERVPRO of Alhambra can help you find the source of the odor!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Many of us are all guilty of not treating our office space as well as we treat our homes. Well we definitely should. We probably spend more time in the office than we do at home so like anything there's normal wear and tear. Don't let the carpet at your office space get disgusting. Call SEVRPRO today for a free estimate!

Water Damage Warps Ceiling Panels

Leaks are sometimes so small that they can go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. Most of the time they don't really bother us if they are minor so we tend not to do anything about it. This family had a leak in their roof that was ignore for a long time until one day when it rained heavily. So much rainwater leaked through the roof that is caused the ceiling panels to cave in. 

Water seeps in During Rain Storm

These San Gabriel homeowners discovered water intrusion occurring through their bedroom room's  sliding glass door during a rain storm.  The water trickled in from outside and started creating a slippery puddle. Luckily they called SEVRPRO of Alhambra! We were able to temporarily seal the gap to prevent more water intrusion until we could arrange a day to clean up the damages. 

Don't Underestimate Mold

A family in Rosemead had mold growing on the wall in the back of their closet. It did not seem like a big problem until the mold started to spread on to their belongings. After they found out the majority of their stuff in the closet had been affected, they asked SERVPRO of Alhambra to help them get rid of their growing problem. 

Apartments affected by Warehouse Fire

On the ground floor of a three story building, a warehouse fire started as a result of carelessness. The massive fire spread up to the floors above it which were apartment buildings that were currently being rented out. SERVPRO of Alhambra arrived to not only handle the fire and soot damage but water damage that came from trying to put the fire out. 

Uh-oh! A Problem in the Women's Bathroom!

A local office in Alhambra suffered a minor toilet overflow. In order to allow the employees to continue working, our SERVPRO team set up a containment between the women's bathroom and the rest of the office. The people in the office and our SERVPRO team were allowed to do our jobs without interfering with each other. 

Mud Slides into Los Angles Home

It is bad enough when a storm hits and floods your home. It is even worse when along with the rainwater comes mud and dirt from outside. This lovely Los Angeles home was unfortunately situated so that the runoff from a storm slide into the house. The family called SERVPRO after hours to come get the job done right away. 

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team

The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether the city is dealing with a hurricane, blizzard or flood. SERVPRO of Alhambra is apart of the SERVPRO System that has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby if a natural disaster were to occur near you. SERVPRO franchises nationwide are prepared 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

Safety First!

After any fire damage situation, your primary focus should be safety first. You need to check with members of the fie department to sure it is safe to stay in the house. You should try to limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpets. Call SERVPRO to professionally clean up the soot particles and remove the smoke odor before instead of attempting to do it yourself. 

SERVPRO tackles warehouse flood

Arriving at work one morning, workers found that this warehouse filled with delicious juices and jellies had flooded over night. Luckily, all the boxes containing these goodies were stacked on top on wooden crates so none of the products were damaged. SEVRPRO was able to quickly cleanup the mess so the workers could get back to keeping the taste buds and stomachs of children happy. 

What are Moisture Meters?

SERVPRO uses mositure meters to help determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. Anything made of wood is very sensitive to its moisture content. Many physical properties are strongly affected by the amount of moisture in the them.

Pool House Mold

A tenant renting a home in La Canada discovered mold starting to spread through their entire pool house. The landlord called SERVPRO of Alhambra to locate the source of the problem. We realize that the mold developed as a result of the storms earlier in the year. The roof of the pool house was old and falling apart which allowed water to leak through the cracks. 

Kitchen Fires

Cooking fires are the most common cause of home fires and home injuries. The number one cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking. It's important to be alert to prevent cooking fires. All of our SERVPRO technicians are trained in cleaning up significant smoke and soot damage. 

Document Restoration

In the aftermath of disaster, you may find that some important documents and files in your office are badly damaged. As a leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO knows that timely mitigation is the key to recovering damaged possessions. In many water damage situations, like sewage or flood water, documents will be exposed to bacteria, viruses, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. Our team will use high tech sterilization process to safely and effectively clean your documents. 

What does an air scrubber do?

This air scrubber helps filter the airborne particles out of the air which will give you cleaner air to breathe. We use these machines on many types of jobs, primarily mold remediation projects and water jobs where the use of fans may have blown dust and send particles into the air. 

24/7 Roof Tarping Services

When a contractor is not available and your house is in need of immediate attention, a tarp for your roof can be a temporary solution. We can secure your property from any water damage until repairs can be scheduled. If stormy weather is in your forecast, you should call SERVPRO of Alhambra for your 24/7 emergency service needs.

The Containment Process is vital to Sewage Mitigation

After a sewage leak in this San Marino home, we had to set up a containment to limit the risk of secondary damage to unaffected areas of the house. Our team determines if the materials can be saved or if they have be removed and replaced. We remove all the unsalvageable materials from the space, including the carpet, drywall, and any other items that have been contaminated.

Only the Latest and Greatest Air Movers

SERVPRO of Alhambra uses the latest advancement in the technology for all of our restoration projects. We like to stock up on these industrial strength air movers perfect for removing the moisture from ceiling, walls, and floors of your home or business. High-speed air movers help the remaining moisture evaporate more quickly. The advanced equipment allows SERVPRO to restore your property back to its original condition.


Big Green and Little Green are here to save the day!

SERVPRO is a national brand known and trusted across the nation. Our team is ready to take care of your fire, water or mold damage and cleanup needs 24/7. No job is too big or too small for our team to handle. Look out for our iconic green trucks in your city!