Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Soot found from Smoke caused from Kitchen

In this home in San Bernardino, a cooking pot caught fire. The owner luckily was able to put out the fire before it spread and soon called SERVPRO of Alhambra. ... READ MORE

Soot from Small Fire Downstairs

In this home in Los Angeles, a small fire in the kitchen went off. Luckily, the owner recognized it and quickly put the fire out then called SERVPRO of Alhambra... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Los Angeles Apartment

This apartment in Los Angeles unfortunately caught fire from a pot that was cooking unattended. It burned a lot of the kitchen before the fire was put out. Our ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Los Angeles

This fire in this apartment in the Los Angeles area burned up everything in the living room unfortunately and affected the top and bottom floor as well. Our SER... READ MORE

Apartment Complex Fire in Los Angeles

This fire was started on the bottom floor of the apartment structure where the fire and heat burnt the windows and items next to the windows of other apartment ... READ MORE

Fire in an apartment complex in Los Angeles

This fire was a result of a person falling asleep with a cigarette on a couch. This caused an enormous fire that affected three stories of the apartment complex... READ MORE